Outpatient Interventional Radiology

Outpatient Interventional Radiology at Eisenhower Imaging Center 

Interventional radiology at Eisenhower Imaging Center takes a gentler approach to a range of procedures. Therefore, it minimizes patient risk and often eliminates the need for hospital stays. Furthermore, it requires less anesthesia and mitigates discomfort, while facilitating a faster recovery compared to traditional surgical methods.


Types of Interventional Radiology Procedures 

Eisenhower Imaging Center’s team of exceptionally skilled and board-certified interventional radiologists are leaders in this quickly expanding field and are equipped to treat a wide range of conditions through outpatient procedures, including: 

  • CT and Ultrasound-guided biopsies 
  • Joint injections 
  • Spine procedures 
  • Pain management procedures 
  • Paracentesis/Thoracentesis 
  • Vascular access 
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Outpatient Interventional Radiology Locations