Digital X-Ray

  • What is An X-Ray?
  • The Benefits of Digital X-Ray

What is An X-Ray?

X-ray imaging involves the use of a tiny dose of ionizing radiation to create pictures of the body’s inner workings. It’s one of the oldest and most commonly employed medical imaging methods.

The Benefits of Digital X-Ray

Eisenhower Imaging Center’s digital X-ray technology enables its skilled radiologists to instantly review your images and swiftly share the results with your doctor. Digital X-rays, including chest X-rays are used to take a closer look at bones and joints, and help diagnose fractures, joint issues, infections, arthritis, and unusual bone growths.

Convenient, Walk-In Service 

For X-ray studies at Eisenhower Imaging Center, no appointment is necessary. We offer walk-in services at multiple locations for your convenience:

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