• What Is Computed Tomography (CT Scan)?
  • What Can a CT Scan Diagnose?
  • What to Expect During Your CT Scan

What Is Computed Tomography (CT Scan)?

Computed Tomography (CT), often referred to as a “CAT” scan, is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows physicians to explore the inner workings of the body, section by section. This technology produces cross-sectional images that can be reconstructed into detailed 3-D representations of vital structures such as organs, blood vessels, the brain, bones, and the spinal cord, providing comprehensive information about the condition of our body.

In certain cases, a contrast material or dye is administered during the scan to enhance the visibility of specific structures.

What Can a CT Scan Diagnose?

Eisenhower Imaging Center is proud to use one of the most advanced spiral CT scanners. This state-of-the-art equipment has been designed to capture up to 128 slices per second, delivering high-resolution images of critical body structures.

  • Our 128-slice CT technology, which is a non-invasive and precise method, is particularly valuable for the early detection of heart disease as it identifies arterial plaque that increases the chances of suffering from heart attacks, strokes, or vascular issues.
  • We also offer low dose CT lung screening for current and former smokers to help detect tumors during early stages, when cancer is most treatable.
  • CT scans can detect various types of cancers by identifying the presence of tumors, assessing their size, pinpointing their exact locations, and gauging their involvement with the surrounding tissues.

What to Expect During Your CT Scan

  • Preparation: Depending on the specific type of CT scan, you may be asked to fast for a few hours before the procedure. You’ll also need to remove any metal objects or jewelry, as they can interfere with the imaging.
  • Contrast Material: In some cases, a contrast material, usually administered through an IV, may be used to enhance the clarity of the images. Your doctor will inform you about this prior to the scan.
  • Procedure: You’ll lie on a comfortable examination table that glides into the CT scanner. The machine operates quietly, and you’ll be in constant communication with the technologist throughout the procedure.
  • Duration: CT scans are typically quick and tend to take just a few minutes. The technologist will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.
  • Results: After the scan, our expert radiologists will analyze the images, and your healthcare provider will discuss the findings with you and inform you about any steps that you may need to take.
  • At Eisenhower Imaging, we prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout the entire process. Our compassionate and skilled team is here to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have about your CT scan.
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