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  • What is Nuclear Medicine?
  • How Does it Work?

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine is a unique way for doctors to gain insights into the internal workings and condition of your body. Since the approach does not employ X-rays, there isn’t a risk of getting exposed to radiation. Instead, it looks at how your body parts are working to identify any problems at an early stage. However, small amounts of radioactive materials, or radiopharmaceuticals are used to examine organ function and structure.

How Does Nuclear Medicine Work?

A small amount of “radiopharmaceuticals” will be administered. These special molecules will move to the parts of your body that require evaluation. During the procedure, a special camera takes pictures inside your body to help doctors understand what’s happening inside you.

Introducing SPECT/CT

SPECT/CT combines two helpful technologies – SPECT and CT – to create a detailed image illustrating the shape of your body parts and how well they function.

How Does SPECT/CT Benefit You?

Imagine experiencing a puzzling pain in your neck or back, which isn’t explained by any regular pictures. This is where SPECT/CT comes to your rescue! It can help identify the exact source of your pain by illustrating any unusual symptoms, such as inflammation.

Why SPECT/CT is Valuable?

SPECT/CT helps doctors pinpoint the cause of your pain, empowering allowing them to prescribe appropriate treatments. It’s akin to a map illustrating the source of your discomfort to help devise targeted solutions.

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