Coachella Valley

About Us

Experience the Future of Imaging at Eisenhower Imaging Center

Welcome to Eisenhower Imaging Center, where cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and utmost comfort converge to facilitate a seamless experience and deliver impeccable results.

Our journey began in Coachella Valley (California) in early 2001 when visionary radiologists at Eisenhower Medical Center embarked on a mission to foster a soothing and patient-centered environment by extending the world’s most advanced imaging technology beyond hospital walls.

In January 2004, this vision became a reality when Eisenhower Imaging Center was established within the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

Since then, we’ve expanded to six locations across the Coachella Valley, offering a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services powered by the latest technology. To cater to the needs of the community, we have integrated outpatient interventional radiology.

Unrivaled Medical Imaging Technology

Eisenhower Imaging Center boasts an impressive collection of state-of-the-art technology, which differentiates us from other similar entities in the Coachella Valley. With six different types of MRI scanners, including a 360° panoramic Open MRI for patients with claustrophobia and a high-speed MRI scanner that is twice as powerful as traditional models, we take into account the diverse needs of the patients.

Additionally, our facility also provides three spiral CT scanners, including an ultra-fast 128-slice CT scanner.

Personalized Care

Our team of board-certified, sub-specialized radiology physicians and technologists work collaboratively to tailor each patient’s imaging experience, with an emphasis on optimal diagnostic information and a comfortable experience.

Continuous Support

At Eisenhower Imaging Center, we are committed to your well-being 24/7. Unlike other imaging centers, we never close and our various services, including the expertise of our radiologists and your exam results, are accessible round-the-clock.

An extensive electronic network enables our board-certified sub-specialty physicians to stay connected to Eisenhower Medical Center and all four Eisenhower Imaging Center locations across the valley, as well as your referring physician.

Your Partner in Care

No matter which Eisenhower Imaging location you choose, rest assured that a specialized radiologist with expertise in your specific medical situation is readily available to review your images and discuss the results with your doctor.